Kizhakke Covilakam - A short History

The history of Kizhakke Covilakam dates back to the 14th century when the Zamorian decided to set up separate palaces for two female members of the family. Thus, the Kizhakke Covilakam came up close to the Zamorins Palace at Thali, Kozhikode and it was located in Kozhikode for few centuries. The members of the Covilakam shifted to Kottakkal much later.
Kottakkal or Venkitta Kotta (the white forte) as it was known was part of the kingdome of the Valluvathyris which was looked after by Karuvarur Moosad, one of the Valluvathiri's power full ministers till the Zamorin captured in 14th century. When the Zamorin sent a messenger to the Moosad who was locked him into compact and killed. Angered by the Zamorin sent his "Moonnalpad" who was from Kizhakke Covilakam , killed the Moosad and captured Kottakkal. Pleased with this , the Zamorin gifed half of the conqured terittory to Moonnalpad. but it was remained a remote village hardly used by the family till 1798.

In 1774, when the Mysoorian invaded Kozhikode, the Kizhakke Covilakam family fled to Ennekkad, near Alappuzha where a palace specially provided by Maharaja of Travancore. when Tippu ceded malabar to the British, the family came back and settled in Kottakkal in 1799.

Thus Kizhakke Covilakam started at Kottakkal around 1799.


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