Kizhakke Covilakam Trust

"Sri Vettakkorumakan Sharanam"

Our diety.

Kizhekke Covilakam situated in Kottakkal, Malappuram Dist. is one of the branchs of The Zamoothiri Covilakam calicut. This Covilakam had so many Temples, Schools and other Landed properties under their controll. All these properties were being well managed by the Karanavar of the covilakam till 1965.

Following to the partition of Covilakam in 1965 the members had decided to form a Trust for the management of these properties.Thus a trust named "Kizhekke Covilakam Trust" came into existence in 1965.

The eldest female member of the family called "Valiya thampuratty" and female member aged next to valiya thampuratty called "Cheriya Thampuratty" and the eldest male member called "Valiya Thampuran" are the 3 trustees of this trust.

The administrative power of all these institutions are wested with these trustees. Trustees can appoint one person, who must be a member of this covilakam, to represent them. Trust manager will be selected among these representative whose tenure is 5 years. the day to day affairs of the Trust is goverened by this manager.

The Trust


Valiya Thamburatti

K.C.Mahadevi Thamburatti

The eldest female member of the family

Valiya Thamburaan

K.C.Anujan Raja

The eldest male member of the family

Cheriya Thamburaatti

K.C Anujathi Thamburatti

The female member aged next to Valiya Thampuratty